wine o. wednesday #29

I was all set to continue me foray into White Wines, until my Saturday night trip to Target. I discovered a new Middle Sister Wine. This one is called Mischief Maker and it’s a Cabernet Sauvignon.


Middle Sister has really expanded their offerings since I last sampled a bottle back in January.

The Cabernet was very good. I was glad that I thought a head and had it in the wine fridge so that it would be nice and chilled when I got home.

What I enjoyed most about this wine was the fruity and sweet taste to this Cab which is unlike most Cabs that seem to be more peppery than fruity. Because of the sweetness of this wine it was very refreshing on this hot summer day.

I definitely recommend picking up a bottle next time you’re at Target (well, a target that sells wine). My absolute favorite thing about this wine just might be the packaging because the artwork is so whimsical.


  1. sounds yummy to me! i wish i had a target that sold alcohol… 🙁 i guess you’ll have to smuggle me some when you make a trip to see me (wink wink)

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