wine o. wednesday, #41

Tonight I decided to go with an oldie but a goodie. . .the 2008 Kali Hart Chardonnay. With these 100+ degree temperatures I had to go with something chilled. And after the adjustment from vacation back to the real world. . .I needed something I KNEW would be good.

Since you know I already like this wine. . .instead of discussing why I like it I want to share with you some fellow winos I have found via twitter that have some great wine knowledge and are pretty darn entertaining.

Recently I discovered that much like on my blog, on twitter it is #WineWednesday. This is how I found @CorkTease, this girl cracks me up! Check out her blog! And @FabOCGirl suggested two new types of wine to me tonight I’d never heard of: Sancerre and Albarion (both whites) – look for these to be discussed here soon. Be sure to visit her blog. Last but not least @UCBeau, he seconded the above suggestions and he has a wine and food blog you should check out!

Sorry to keep it short and sweet tonight but this bottle of wine is getting tome! 😉 I’ll post vacation pictures tomorrow for you to see!

Oh and there will be a pause from wine o. wednesday next week more than likely as it is a “special” day and there is a possibility my blog will be hijacked. . .



  1. Love the new wine ideas, thanks Kate! So excited to try those! Thanks @FabOCGirl for the suggestions (and to you for making a point to introduce them!)… we’ll see if my podunk town has either of those… #scowl #doubtit
    On the bright side, I can’t wait to see your vacay pics!!!

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