wine o. wednesday #44

wine o. wednesday #44

Tonight’s adventure in wine tasting was a Sancerre, please do not ask me to say it I will kill it with my horrible pronunceation. I had a bit of a hard time finding a Sancerre. The first store I went to did not have any and the second store I visited only had 4 options. They ranged in price from $22 to $35.

Because I’ve never tried the Sancerre before I decided to go with one of the more inexpensive options and see what I thought. I went with:

Unlike the Albarinos last week, the Sancerre, even though it is a white, it was not sweet. In fact it was quite tart, but not bitter like I think Pinot Grigi s tend to be. The Sancerre had a crisp and clean taste to it. As odd as this sounds, since know that wine is made of grapes, I did not detect any hints of fruitiness.

I wish the Sanceres had not been so pricey though, I would have loved to have had two to compare like last week. To see what it is that really distinguishes the Sancerre.

So far I have loved the wine suggestions I have gotten on Twitter, please send more my way. I LOVE finding and trying new wines.

Next week Beth has agreed to share her “party favor” from her wine dinner tonight. . .I believe it is a Silver Oak Cabernet. I’ve never tried a Silver Oak before; they are always a bit out of my normal price range so I cannot wait!


  1. I’m kind of new to your Wine Wednesday’s, love it! So you just picking a new wine every Wednesday or are you taking suggestions? I’m a Wine LOOVER. I have a few favorites I could suggest if you’re ever up for it.

    What kinds are you most wanting to try/review?

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