wine o. wednesday #45

wine o. wednesday #45

I finally got to try a wine I’ve wanted to try for years. . .Silver Oaks! This wine has always been one I’ve seen at fancy restaurants or in the “Fine Wines” section at the liquor store, so to get to try one for free; needless to say I was ESTATIC!

Last week my sister got to go to a Silver Oaks wine dinner and came home with a party favor; a 2005 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.

The bottle has been sitting out all week, taunting me. . .to drink it.

(sorry about my messy counters!)

While Beth was cooking dinner we opened up the bottle and used our fancy Reidel glasses with our initials etched in them we got for Christmas from Todd & Lindsey.

Drinking this wine, I was reminded what a Cabernet is supposed to taste like. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think the only good wines are the expensive ones, but this was such a smooth delicious wine that’s definitely way out of the league of what I normally drink.

I’m not quite sure I have the right words to describe why this wine was so good, but here’s my feeble attempt. As I said it was smooth, not sweet but not bitter, and just the right blend of tastes to accent the true flavor of the grapes instead of the wood it was aged in. It was amazing! When the bottle was empty I was disappointed. . .to say the least.

While dinner was cooking I ran to the liquor store right outside the neighborhood. Originally I was excited about this store opening, but I’m finding they don’t seem to ever have the wines I’m looking for which is frustrating. I was looking for the Twomey Sauvignon Blanc but came up empty handed.

I think I have pretty decent wine tastes, but apparently the gentleman at the store does not agree, I could sense his judgment as I told him some of the wines I enjoy.

Because of that I took him up on the suggestion he made to me and bought a 2007 Montoya Cabernet. It was on sale for $13.99 and the display rack was full, those should have been enough clues. To me this wine was entirely TOO sweet. Though that didn’t stop us from finishing the bottle, we are true winos through and through.

If you get the chance to try a Silver Oaks Cabernet, do not hesitate. In fact give me a call, I’ll help you drink it!


  1. Do you open the wine about an hour before you know you’ll be drinking it to let it breathe? I do that as often as I can, and then when I pour it into the glass I let it sit ten minutes more. A friend told me to do this once, it makes a totally different glass of wine! #yummy =) Love your blog….

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