wine o. wednesday #47 (a day late)

wine o. wednesday #47 (a day late)

In honor of October being Texas Wine month, I’ve decided to spend the month trying wines from various Texas Vineyards. Ironically it can be kind of tricky to find Texas wines in local wine stores and grocery stores. Central Market would be an exception though, they tend to have a much wider variety of Texas wines than anywhere else I’ve seen.

This week’s wines I selected were (try not to envy my photography skills):

Being an Aggie, I am more than familiar with the name Messina Hoff, every time I’d drive in or out of College Station I would pass the turn off for the winery, though sadly I’ve never actually visited the winery. I’m also not that familiar with their wines so I was excited to give this one a try.

After opening the bottle I poured myself a small glass, and found this Cabernet to be dry and woody. It didn’t have any sweetness to it. I set it to the side and moved on to the Fall Creek Cabernet. When I came back to the Messina Hoff Cabernet an hour later it had really opened up and the dryness had eased and it was even a bit sweet. It didn’t initially win me over but after the second round I would most definitely say I’d drink this wine again.

From the first glass on, the Flat Creek Cabernet was my favorite of the two. Unfortunately since I liked it so much I didn’t do the same experiment and wait an hour to see if the wine changed. But I suppose that was a good sign. To me this Cabernet had a more, well rounded palette that I preferred. It had a small hint of sweetness and was not dry at all.

To be honest I am not that familiar with Texas wines or wineries but I do believe quit a few of the grapes are brought in from multiple parts of the state or even from other states, so these may not truly be 100% Texas Wines. But, nonetheless I really enjoyed my first week of tasting Texas wines and am looking forward to next week’s tasting.


  1. great review, thanks for sharing the info!

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