wine o. wednesday #8

wine o. wednesday #8

Simply Zinful is the way I would describe tonight’s wine selection. It has some serious kick to it. It is the 2002 Zinfandel from the Rios Lovell Winery in Livermore, CA.


This is actually my sister Beth’s wine and I stole a glass for the second time this week. She opened the wine on Saturday and she let me have a glass to try it. Then she was nice enough to let me have another glass tonight so that I could accurately blog about it. Okay, to be honest, I just wanted a glass of wine tonight. He he.

The first glass I had was a little overwhelming to me, for my tastes. It had a serious spicy kick to it. But the second glass, despite still being spicy was surprisingly smooth this time around.

My aunt and uncle were out in Livermore for a wedding in December of 2007 and picked up a bottle of wine for both Beth and I when they visited the winery. My bottle the 2003 Estate Merlot didn’t last too long in the house. But Beth patiently let her bottle age another year.

If you are into spicy wines, I definitely recommend giving this one a try. And if you are in the Livermore area, this winery looks really nice. Check out: Rios Lovell.


  1. Good thing you gave it a nice review so Aunt Neil didn’t come across you giving my Christmas present a crap review! 😉

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