wine o. wednesday #81

wine o. wednesday #81

I have been a member of the B.R. Cohn wine club for a good 5 or more years and each time I get a new wine club shipment I love them even more.  I am convinced, even though I know they would never say this, that I am probably their lamest wine club member to date.  I’m never a big spender and I tend to stick to their blends which I think they always do really well.  So, for that I am sorry B.R. Cohn, but at the same time I’m not because I love being in your wine club!  (And since I’m a self proclaimed lame wine club member I wanted to give you guys a big shout out as a way of saying thank you for putting up with me!)

To be honest I cannot remember when exactly I first joined their wine club, but I know it was some time before August of 2008 because that was my last trip out to Napa/Sonoma and on that trip I took advantage of being a wine club member and did a tasting in the club member’s room with my friends. Bruce Cohn himself even stopped by and chatted with us for a bit.

I joined their wine club because I loved that they give you the freedom to pick what will be in your shipment.  Most wineries, I discovered, will decide for you which bottles and how many of each you will get but not B.R. Cohn if you go with the case club option.  To check out all their options, click here.  Because I’ve been a member for so long, I don’t believe my membership option still exists.  I would say I’m technically a Case Club I member but I only get 2 shipments of 6 bottles each year.  One in April and one in October, a few weeks before the shipment goes out they send me a reminder and I log in and select my wines.  Easy, fun and just what I was looking for!

From shipment to shipment I would say that my order doesn’t change all that much.  I am absolutely in love with their Classic Car Wines.  These are their blends and they all have such a unique and amazing flavor, in my opinion.  When I was picking out my last shipment selections I was perusing their wines, I always have to see if they’ve got something new and I was so excited to see that they offered a Primitivo.  According to the website they have aged these grapes for 18 months, this was the first time I’ve noticed this varietal on their website.  They are currently offering the 2009 vintage.  Typically a grape grown in Italy, B.R. Cohn grows their Primitivo at their Shumahi Vineyard near Glen Ellen in Sonoma Valley.  This wine was divine and I am now sad that I only ordered one bottle! Why do I always do that and not plan better?

Unfortunately the only wines I’ve seen from B.R. Cohn in stores around Dallas are the Silver Label Cabernet (which I recommend and it’s a great price point at under $20) and the Olive Hill Estate Cabernet (which I also recommend, it will just cost you more!).  If you haven’t given B.R. Cohn wines a try yet, I say don’t put it off any longer, and I know you’ll thank me!

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