wine o. wednesday #94

wine o. wednesday #94

I have a confession…this will most likely make you true winos shudder, but I don’t care!  I’ve found a box wine that I am a huge fan of.  A few weeks (or months) back there was a hilarious post by Amy on the TipsyLit blog that inspired me to give it a try.  I can’t lie it was mainly because I wanted to cut the bag at the end to get every last drop just like Amy did.

As it was still summer time I wanted to go with a white.  The pickings were pretty slim for a boxed Sauvignon Blanc so I went with this, my only option at the grocery store:


I mean check out the packaging….it’s won 34 awards…how could it not be good, right?  By now you’re either rolling your eyes at me or have already grabbed your keys and are headed to the store to get your hands on a box o’ wine!

I never claimed this was the best Sauvignon Blanc I’ve ever had but when you pay $20 for essentially 4 bottles of wine and you can’t really complain about it, how do you pass it up?  Typically I don’t share this with guests unless you’re family or a close friend because I know you won’t judge me too hard.

Have you tried a boxed wine that you like, if so which one?  I’m not opposed to trying a red if you know a good one!


  1. HA HA! No judgement here – you know I’m the boxed wine queen! 🙂

  2. Every wine-O should have ONE (just one) boxed wine that they like.

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