wine o. wednesday #11

wine o. wednesday #11

Tonight’s wine is the red House Wine from the Magnificent Wine Company.  This is truly a red blend, comprised of 6 different types of grapes.  I have had this wine several times because my friend Kandice introduced me to it years ago.

house_wine_lable-232x300I like this wine but I don’t think it is one of my all time favorites, I think I am a bigger fan of the label on the bottle than the wine.

5% of this blend is Sangiovese grapes and I think that it over powers all the other grapes.  For me Sangiovese is either hit or miss and I think in this case it is a miss.  Don’t get me wrong, this wine definitely gets less tart the longer it is open and each glass is better than the one before.  This was definitely a bit of a switch from last week’s Merlot.

Next week’s wine is going to be “Bitch.”  I saw it when I picked up my bottle of House Wine and just couldn’t resist.  It is a Grenache that is around $10 and can be found at Central Market.  Go pick yourself up a bottle and drink along.


  1. Well, although I’m disappointed that you don’t like this one as much as I do, I must say that I too love the bottle’s label design. In fact, it might be that added “umph” that makes me really like it. Simply because looking at the label makes me happy… Oh well, maybe next time we can agree. Until then, you can lay off my House Wine if you don’t like it… leaves more for me!

  2. I couldnt wait till tomorrow to put this link up to an article i found dealing with wine.

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