Woodlands Grill | Dallas

Woodlands Grill | Dallas

Woodlands Grill Dallas isn’t a brand new restaurant, but it is a relatively newcomer to the city.  Or at least I’ve only recently become aware of it.  Woodlands Grill is located just south of 635 off Preston and it was a great happy hour spot.  


It wasn’t too busy or crowded and they had some great specials.  I met some friends who had gone there for brunch on Sunday and really enjoyed it and wanted to check out happy hour; how could I argue?

During happy hour they offer half price glasses of wine and a few $5 food items.  It took me a little longer to get there then the other girls so they already had food before I got there.

Woodlands Flatbread


I decided to try the Grilled Chicken Flatbread.  Silly me didn’t read all the ingredients on the menu so I didn’t realize that the flat bread had pesto on it.  Since I’ve got an allergy to tree nuts…not the brightest thing to overlook, but it was totally my fault and luckily I had Benadryl with me.  Had there not been any pesto this would have been a great choice. The flavor was great, until I realized the nuts.

Woodlands Spinach Artichoke DipSince I couldn’t eat much of the flatbread I decided to try the Spinach Artichoke dip, one of the other $5 offerings for happy hour.  It was good.  But my favorite of the night was when one of my friends randomly said, “do you guys make a pork chop?”  And they happily brought her a pork chop.  Not on the happy hour list but it looked good.

Woodlands Porkchop

I’m going to have to go back sometime for a meal and really give this place a try, but for happy hour it isn’t a bad choice.  Have you been to Woodlands Grill for brunch? How was it?


  1. Didn’t know such a place existed! I wanna go!!!

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