You Go Tara!

I promise not to ruin tonight’s episode of Biggest Looser for anyone. . .but I’m going to ruin the ending of this week’s challenge.


Let me just say, I have never been as impressed by someone on the Biggest Loser as I was tonight. In the first part of the challenge tonight everyone kept giving Tara “extra weight,” not knowing what that would mean in the second challenge. But let’s be honest, how is that ever a good thing?

When the second part of the challenge rolled around we learned that the contestants were going to have to pull a 2 ton car. . .and, the additional weight they were given in part one.

Tara took all of her anger and frustration from being given the extra weight and was able to remain strong and steady in the challenge to pull the car a half a mile. Sione and Mike took off running and tired out not too long into the race. It was awesome to see Tara slowly pass both of them one at a time.

I hadn’t really decided who I was pulling for just yet this season, but now I’m rooting for Tara to win it all! You go Tara!!!


  1. I like Kristen for some reason…Tara kind of annoys me. 🙂 But I also like Mike a lot too! I just love the Biggest Loser and I love Bob!

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