Max’s Wine Dive | Dallas, TX

Max’s Wine Dive | Dallas, TX

I had heard of Max’s Wine Dive for quite some time but thought only residents of the southern part of Texas were fortunate enough to have one in their cities, but not anymore! The rumors that Max’s Wine Dive would be opening in Dallas started circulating last spring and finally I got to go and experience Max’s Wine Dive Dallas!

Kandice was in town and we decided to meet up there for dinner and see what this place that offers Champagne and Fried Chicken was all about. The thing I learned immediately upon entering, was this place is popular! I’m sure some of the hype will die down as Max’s Wine Dive has been open for longer, but for now, if you want to head there on the weekends I suggest making a reservation!

Kandice and I found some seats at the end of the bar and ordered ourselves a glass of wine while we waited for a table to open up. Finally one did and of course we got the most awkward table available. We were this tiny two person table at a long banquet between two larger tables. None the less we were determined to enjoy our Max’s Wine Dive experience.

There were several appetizers that sounded good so we decided to order a few and share. From what I’d heard the Max ‘n Cheese (or Mac n Cheese) was to die for, so of course we had to order that. It was delicious with the perfect amount of truffle cream.

Luckily Kandice didn’t mind indulging my love for stuffed peppers and we also ordered the Pork Stuffed Piquillo Peppers.  These were amazing.  I’ve never had pork stuffed peppers before, but the combination of flavors was not too spicy.  In my opinion it was just right!

Last but not least, we got the Chicken Fried Brussels Sprouts.  This is not something I would have EVER ordered.  I am not a Brussel Sprouts fan at all, but apparently Kandice is.  I hesitantly tried the Brussel Sprouts and believe it or not I didn’t hate them.  I wouldn’t go so far as to say I loved them but if you’re a Brussel Sprouts fan I know you’ll like these.

We could have stopped there because I know we were both getting full but how could we not try the jalapeno buttermilk battered fried chicken that Max’s Wine Dive is famous for?  MAX’s Famous Southern Fried Chicken is served over mashed potatoes and collard greens and also comes with a piece of Texas Toast. 

Have you been to Max’s Wine Dive in Dallas yet?


  1. Sydney Aaliyah :

    Hey Kate, thanks for another suggestion for my trip home. Fried chicken looks so good.

    • When is this trip home? And how long is it? I’m sure I could find you places to go try everyday! I’m partial to Babe’s Fried chicken though…you might want to think about there instead or in addition if you’re really looking for some fried chicken options! 🙂

  2. This made me huuuungry!!!

  3. That truffle mac and cheese was pretty amazing. I keep thinking about it! Might have to come up with a copycat recipe. 🙂

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